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What Do We Teach?

Math & Science


Math & Science are our specialty. Many students struggle and come in with a low grades. Not to worry. We have amazing well experienced teachers to show you how to do math & science using some secret tips, that you might not know. Also, we customize the right study method to do math/ science, and watch your marks improve from 50% upwards to to 80-95%.  



Understanding chemistry is a crucial foundation for knowing how the world works. Work with us, improve your understanding, and watch your grades improve! 



English is Fun & Easy to learn from phonics, pronunciation, writing, and doing an independent study unit. Learning ABC in a fun way from K to G. 12 to read a Shakespeares in order to understand. 



Bonjour! Comment ça va? Speaking or writing an essay no problem! MindLab tutors love French. We have teacher from France and Canada who can help you. 

Since, we live in Canada, definitely learning French or becoming bilingual can create more opportunities in the future, when we go for work or travel. It is great to develop a new language skills. 



Can’t tell an endoplasmic reticulum from a Golgi apparatus? Not to worry! We love biology, and can help with the whole curriculum, from G.1 to G.12. Even when you get into 1st year of University. We will be there to support you!



We love physics! It’s one of our favourite subjects to tutor. We can help with projectile motion, momentum problems, energy transfer, and tons of other topics. Well, even gravity or speed, velocity or acceleration. No problem. Easy like a piece of cake! Don't sweat yourself up!


" First of all, I want to say thank you to Mind Lab Learning tutors. They helped my children to learn English and French both in a fun and joyful way. As a new comer I don't know how to help my children to get into the Canadian Education system and build their confidence and blend into the community. I would like to say that their tutors were very patience and helpful to my children, to make my children feel welcoming and willing to learn English and French. "

- Linda

Parent, North York

I had the pleasure of having Ms. K as my high school Math tutor. I was struggling with grasping different math concepts and was not performing well at all. Ms. K was able to break down the concepts for me in a simplified way where it was easy to understand. She is extremely patient and creative with her way of teaching. She prepared different exercises for me to complete that were catered to my current level and made the learning fun. I could also tell that Ms. K was very invested and cared a lot about my success and progress. I ended up graduating with much higher grades in my Math courses and attended the University of Western Ontario. I am currently working as a Clinical Research Coordinator. 

- Jenna


Pierre Trudeau High School, 2012

University of Western, 2016

Clinical Research Coordinator


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